Internet Browser Wars 1.0

Good day readers! This blog is about my personal insights, reactions and learnings on the video “The True Story of the Internet Browser Wars” (link:

The internet as we know today is the most helpful invention of all time. The internet has influenced our lives so much that in today’s generation we cannot live without the internet. As I was watching the video I realized that the history and birth of the internet was not as exciting as we know of it now. On the day that the web was born it has become a part of our lives, it changed our lives, helped us in our daily living, and in some cases it also harmed our lives. Before it was known as the internet it was first introduced as the “Mosaic”. The internet had gone through a lot of struggles and obstacles before it became the most widely used invention. It was not easy to publish the internet because there were so many people who is against it. The internet browser wars was between the Microsoft and the Netscape. Both companies are working very hard to bring down the other party. Microsoft has produced the Internet Explorer as its own web browser. But because of the hard work of its founders, they were able to overcome these obstacles. Microsoft was able to win over Netscapes on September 1997 and the war was over. But then, another war emerged between the U.S government and the microsoft. I realized that the founders of the most helpful inventions in PC technologies were drop outs from their respective universities, but they were able to prove that they are smart because of their inventions. I then realized that no matter what obstacles come in our way, there will always be a way to get through it.



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in love…people do weird stuff, sometimes dangerous stuff. But these people are the bravest because they are willing to try to sacrifice, to trust, and to love, because love is the most dangerous thing in this world.

IT in my life

Before i was born, the internet, media, computers, and other technologies were already in this world. In my 18 years of existence i have lived with technology since i was 9 years old. The first time I interacted with a computer was in our computer class when I was in grade 3. i was so amazed with the computer, at that time i cannot imagine that so many things can fit in one small box with cables and wires. i cannot imagine that i can discover many new things in that box.

I enjoyed the application Paint because i love to draw and doodle when i was little. I also enjoyed playing with the games that were installed in our computer.

I first learned about the internet when i was in grade 4, that’s when my knowledge about IT started. i signed up for Facebook on that same year too, because there was this awesome game in Facebook that i really wanted to play, the Pet Society. Facebook was the most famous social media i know back then, and until now it is still very widely known and used.

Technology and internet are emerging fast in this world, and I, being a millennial is very demanding because we are expected to be very skillful when it comes to using these technologies. Technology can help us in our daily lives especially in our work and studies, but there are also some negative sides of these technologies. With the pressure around us, sometimes we cannot control ourselves to overuse it. We must be responsible even with these pressures around us because in everything that we do there is always a consequence, it may be good but it can also be bad.